Scholarships & Subsidy
Presidential Award for Graduate Students
Scholarships & Subsidy
  1. Legal Basis: National Taiwan University Regulations for the Establishment of the Presidential Award for Graduate Students
  2. Eligibility:
    • NTU master's or Ph.D. students taking their degree examinations and graduating in the current academic year shall be eligible to apply. They shall have demonstrated outstanding academic and research achievements with no disciplinary record.
  3. Scholarship Quota:
    • The quota for each college shall be set at 1% of the total number of master's and Ph.D. students who graduated from the college in the previous academic year (rounding off to the nearest whole number; discarded decimals may be carried forward to the quota for the following year). A resulting number that is less than 1 shall be rounded up to 1.
  4. Awarding Method: 
    • The University shall present the Award once every academic year. Each recipient shall receive a certificate and a scholarship of NT$100,000.
  5. Application Period and Process:
    1. From July 17 to August 14, 2023. Detailed timelines and procedures will be announced by individual colleges.
    2. Each college handles subsequent procedures and submit them to the Graduate Academic Affairs Division.
  6. Other Notes: 
    1. Award recipients shall complete their graduation in the academic year of being awarded or have their scholarships revoked otherwise.
    2. In the event that any application document or information provided by Award recipients is found to be falsified, altered or tampered with, the University may revoke their Award, require them to return the disbursed scholarship money, and investigate their liability based on the actual circumstances of the offense.
    3. Students without a designated financial institution account within the university system should set up a salary account with either Hua Nan Bank, E.SUN Bank, or the post office through the "myNTU" system.
    4. Communication regarding the scholarship will primarily be conducted via the students' "Student ID Mailbox" at the university. Please pay attention to your email correspondence.
  • Please refer to the official regulations and announcements for further information and updates.