Procedure for Deferral of Admission
  1. Please see National Taiwan University Academic Policies
  2. Administration unit: Graduate Academic Affairs Division
  3. Contact: Staff Members in the Division
  4. Phone Number: Graduate Academic Affairs Division: 3366-2388 ext. 402 to 418
  5. Application period: Before registration (Fall semester: July 15th to August 20th / Spring semester: Jan 2nd to Jan 31th for graduate students)
  6. Please note (Before registration, freshman may request to defer admission at the Office of Academic Affairs if any of the following conditions is satisfied: 【Admission cannot be deferred after registration】)
    1. Students in long-term treatment for a critical illness, with supportive documents from regional hospital or medical agency or higher level designated by the National Health Insurance Administration.
    2. Students with proof of low income issued by a district office at township level or above.
    3. Students reporting to military service or are serving in the military, with proof of evidence.
    4. Students failed to register within the deadline due to special circumstances (applicable to Overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland students as well as international students).
    5. Students failed to register for the upcoming semester due to other force majeure factors.
      1. Transfer students are not allowed to apply for admission deferral.
      2. Admission can be deferred up to one year. An extension will not be granted except when the applicant reports to military service during the period of deferral and presents a certificate of active military service. Upon expiry of the extended period of deferral, the student may present the military service discharge order and apply for admission.
  7. Documents required for admission deferral include an Application Form, the Letter of Admission, your High School Diploma (both the original and a duplicate copy), and a Certificate of Diagnosis issued by a public hospital or Certificate of Active Military Service, etc.
  8. Procedures:
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