Introduction to the Office of Academic Affairs
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Introduction to the Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for student admissions, course enrollment, academic records management, student transcripts, academic-related certificates, teaching and learning development, faculty evaluations, etc.

To carry out the above-mentioned responsibilities, the Office has set up the following divisions and centers: Secretariat, Office of Admissions, Undergraduate Academic Affairs Division, Graduate Academic Affairs Division, Curriculum Division, Computer Information Division, Center for Teaching and Learning Development, and Digital Learning Center. In addition, the Office also has a Branch Office of Academic Affairs in the College of Medicine to serve the need of those faculty and students who are not on the main campus.

As the administrative quality of the Office is highly related to the general performance of the University, the Office of Academic Affairs has devoted itself over the years to the four principles of "Service First," "Innovation and Breakthrough," "Energy and Motivation," and "Promoting Efficiency."

Looking forward, the Office of Academic Affairs will continue to hold fast to its principles and strive to achieve everlasting improvements, thus paving the way for the University’s becoming one of the top universities on the world.

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Educational Objectives

To endow future leaders with a well-rounded education, a healthy personality, a strong social commitment, and a global vision for a more prosperous nation as well as a better world.

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Core Capabilities
  1. Independent judgment and ability to innovate
  2. Professional knowledge and skills
  3. A moral compass and a desire to rectify
  4. Health management skills
  5. Good citizenship
  6. Human compassion
  7. Communicative and team skills
  8. Global vision
  9. Respect for different cultures
  10. Aesthetic sensitivity