Leave of Absence/Withdrawing From School/Re-Enrollment
Re-Enrollment Process
Leave of Absence/Withdrawing From School/Re-Enrollment
  1. Please see National Taiwan University Academic Regulations
  2. Administration unit: Graduate Academic Affairs Division
  3. Contact: Staff Members in the Division
  4. Phone Number: Graduate Academic Affairs Division: 3366-2388 ext. 402 to 419
  5. Application period: From the starting date of the semester as specified in NTU Academic Calendar to any date before the scheduled course starting date.
  6. Please note:
    1. Required documents
      1. Students who had retained admission status: Approval Letter of retained admission status, Military Service Discharge Order (or relevant supportive documents) and a 2-inch photo.
      2. Returning student from a leave of absence: Proof of Leave of Absence, Military Service Discharge Order, etc.
    2. Returning students should print out the form for tuition and fees from the NTU homepage, and complete payment. Required re-enrollment procedures are completed after payment.