Applications for Graduate Degree Examination
Application for Master’s or Doctoral degree examination
Applications for Graduate Degree Examination
  1. Graduate students who meet the following criteria may apply for a thesis/dissertation defense (
    1. Master’s students who have completed more than one semester of study or doctoral students (including those in a direct-entry doctoral degree program) who have completed more than three semesters of study;
    2. Students who have completed or expect to complete the required courses and credit requirements stipulated by their department, institute, or degree program in the current semester in accordance with the relevant regulations stipulated;
    3. Students who have completed the first draft of their thesis/dissertation;
    4. Doctoral students (and master’s students if applicable) who have passed the qualifying examination.
    5. The contents of the rules and regulations governing the qualifying examination mentioned in the preceding subparagraph shall be separately stipulated by the responsible department, institute, or degree program.
  2. Graduate students who wish to apply for a thesis/dissertation defense shall be subject to the following guidelines:
    1. Application period:
      1. From the start of classes as announced in the Academic Calendar to November 30 (fall semester) or April 30 (spring semester). This restriction shall not apply, however, to students with special circumstances who have received approval from their thesis/dissertation advisor, head of department, institute director, or head of degree program.
      2. Application forms shall be submitted with the following documents attached:
        1. One copy of the student’s full academic transcript;
        2. One copy of the abstract and the first draft of the student’s thesis/dissertation.
  3. A graduate student’s thesis/dissertation defense must be held before the end of the semester (as announced in the Academic Calendar) in which the student submitted their application.
  4. Thesis/dissertation defenses may be held in the same semester as qualifying examinations and may be postponed due to schedule conflicts but must be held within the stipulated program length.
  5. Graduate students who have applied for a thesis/dissertation defense should request the cancellation of their thesis/dissertation defense before the end of the semester (as announced in the Academic Calendar) if they are unable to present their thesis defense within that semester. Failure to cancel or present their thesis/dissertation defense shall count as a single failing grade.
  6. Graduate students who pass their thesis/dissertation defense shall submit both a hard copy and an electronic version of their thesis/dissertation and their thesis/dissertation grade, and shall complete the deregistration process before receiving their diploma from the Office of Academic Affairs.
  7. The submission deadline for theses/dissertations (both hard-copy and electronic submissions) for is as follows: fall semester – first day of classes in the following (spring) semester; spring semester – three weeks before classes begin in the following (fall) semester (for academic programs with a stricter standard, the stricter standard shall apply).