Other Application
Request for Change of Major (Transfer of Graduate Program)
Other Application
  1. Administration unit:
    • Graduate Academic Affairs Division, Office of Academic Affairs
    • Branch Office of Academic Affairs in the College of Medicine, Office of Academic Affairs
  2. Contact:
    • Che, Tai-Li (Chief, Graduate Academic Affairs Division): Email: taili@ntu.edu.tw
    • Yu-Chyn WU (Chief of 2nd Section, Branch office of Academic Affairs in the College of Medicine): Email: wuching@ntu.edu.tw
  3. Phone Number:
    1. Graduate Academic Affairs Division: 3366-2388 ext. 402
    2. Branch office of Academic Affairs in the College of Medicine: 2356-2192
  4. Application period: From the end of each semester until the beginning of the following semester.
  5. Procedures:
    1. Complete the application form.
    2. Submit the application form to [authoritative units specified on the form] for approval and signatures.
    3. After approval, the change of major (transfer) valid beginning the following semester. Successful applicant shall have their new student ID card issued in accordance with student ID card issuance and reissuance procedure.
  6. Please note:
    1. Students should complete at least one year of study in their current program/institute before applying for change of major (transfer).
    2. Each student may only apply for change of major once during his/her study in the University.