Leave of Absence/Withdrawing From School/Re-Enrollment
Leave of Absence
Leave of Absence/Withdrawing From School/Re-Enrollment
Policy on Leave of Absence from Graduate Studies


  1. Application periods: Every semester beginning July 15 (Fall semesters) / February 1 (Spring semesters) until the last day before the final examination week.
  2. Note:
    1. A leave of absence for the semester that follows is not allowed before the current semester ends.
    2. Application procedure may be undertaken by a person commissioned by the original applicant.
    3. Tuition and fees exemption may be applied to students who complete the application before the first day of classes. In other situations, students shall pay the tuition and fees in full amount, and apply for a refund in accordance with the standards set forth in the NTU academic calendar after the completion of their application for a leave of absence.
  3. Contact: Graduate Academic Affairs Division (+886 2 33662388 Ext 402-419)