Student Application Services and transfer examination
Operating Procedure for Online English Program Exemption
Student Application Services and transfer examination
  1. Relevant Regulations: NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Regulations for the Implementation of Online English Program
  2. Unit in Charge: Undergraduate Academic Affairs Division, Office of Academic Affairs
  3. Contact Person: Ms. Hsu Yu-Ting
  4. Contact Number: (02) 33662388 #307
  5. When to Apply: Online application is available for one week every year in the following two periods: during mid or late March and October.
  6. Starting from the year 112, our school has discontinued the special discount program for registration fees for the first stage of GEPT high-intermediate level. If students have the need for exemption of the Online English Program, please follow the regulations of National Taiwan University's Online English Program in the relevant tests.
  7. Notes:
    1. Undergraduates that are admitted in or after the Academic Year 2002-03 shall enroll in and pass the "Online English Program" to be eligible for graduation. Those who meet one of the waiving requirements described in the current regulations may apply for an exemption.
    2. Those who have passed the "first stage of GEPT High-Intermediate level" organized collectively by NTU and who have been approved to waive Freshman English are not required to apply for an exemption as the Division will automatically add the names to the exemption list. Students may go to MyNTU, "Courses", and then click the "English Program Board" button to check the status.
    3. What & Where to Submit: Please go to MyNTU, click the "English Online Program" button in "Courses", follow the steps, and sign up for the program within the above-mentioned timeframes. Subsequently, submit the transcript in original and copy to Room 307 at the Foreign Language Teaching & Resource Center under the College of Liberal Arts (formerly known as the Audio-visual Education Building, next to the Computer and Information Networking Center)
    4. Graduating students may apply for an exemption if necessary and follow the same procedure except for using the Internet.
  8. Workflow:
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