Operating Procedure
Procedures for required courses change
Operating Procedure
    1. The Procedure is in compliance with the NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Directives for Processing Course Offerings and Changes
    2. Searching for the compulsory courses designated by each department 
    3. Administration unit: Curriculum Division, Office of Academic Affairs
    4. Contact: (+886) 2-3366-2388 ext. 302
    5. Time: During the semester.
    6. Please note:
      1. The aforementioned Directives for Processing Course Offerings and Changes serve as guidelines.
      2. Proposed offerings of and changes to required courses shall pass a review by the competent department (or institute, degree program, or division) curriculum committee, which shall then fill out a compulsory course change request and submit it to the competent college for approval, after which  the college shall forward the request to the Office of Academic Affairs to be reported in the Academic Affairs Meeting.