Operating Procedure
Reference Operating Procedure for Students Doing Off-campus Internships
Operating Procedure
  1. Relevant Regulations: "Measures for the Implementation of Industry-University Cooperation for Colleges and Universities" by the Ministry of Education
  2. Unit in Charge: Curriculum Division, Office of Academic Affairs
  3. Contact Person: Chen, Li-Kuan
  4. Contact Number: (02) 33662388 #303
  5. When to Apply: During a semester, or during winter or summer vacation 
  6. Notes:

甲、 A college/department/graduate institute/degree program shall sign an agreement in writing with the partner institution before offering an off-campus internship to students. The agreement shall meet the following requirements:

i. The partner organization offers practical training based on the internship plan of respective student and, together with the dedicated advisor assigned by the school, provides guidance to students. 

ii. The partner institution has arranged safety workshops, explaining the location of safety facilities in the workplace and associated safety measures before internship. 

iii. The partner institution has purchased insurance for student interns. 

iv. Internship hours (for a day, how to take on leave, and holidays), agreement period, scope of work, scholarship or renumeration, meal and accommodation, transportation, and grading criteria should be clearly described. 

v. Measures for coordination and settlement in case of a dispute between the partner institution and students. 

vi. Conditions and procedure for students to terminate the internship before completion 

乙、 During internships if students do extra services or undertake extra assignments outside the scope of internship training at the partner institution, the internship agreement shall be processed in accordance with the Labor Standards Act. 

  1. Workflow: