Procedure for Managing classrooms
Procedures for Renting Open Learning Space in Zonghe Lecture Building
Procedure for Managing classrooms
  1. Relevant Policies:NTU Guidelines for Using Open Learning Space
  2. Website for Relevant Policies:NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Office of Academic Affairs Directives for Students’ Use of the Learning Commons
  3. System URL:
  4. Unit in charge: Curriculum Division of the Office of Academic Affairs
  5. Contact Person: Shyong, Po-Ling
  6. Contact number: +886-2-3366-2388 #319
  7. Time: The applying unit (or applicant) should submit the application 12 hours online prior to the rental date.
  8. Courses Tutoring Service Contact Person: CTLD x DLC: Ju-Shan Cheng,Tel: 3366-3367 # 552
  9. Notes:
    1. Open Learning Space Discussion Room (hereinafter referred to as “Discussion Room”) is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. and is closed on national holidays and during summer and winter vacations.The priority of using the rooms is given first to self-directed learning activities.
    2. The applying unit (or applicant) should submit the application online prior to the rental date, temporary renting is forbidden.The applicant may enter via Student Card once the application is approved.Each applicant is allowed to apply no more than one room per day.There shall be at least 3 people using each room.
    3. Applicants should cancel the reservation four hours online before the rental date. Violators shall not be able to submit the application for 14 days.
    4. Users of the Learning Commons shall not violate regulations in “NTU Guidelines for Renting Classroom in the Classroom Buildings” and “NTU Guidelines for Using Open Learning Space”. Users shall keep the venue clean and tidy and maintain all equipment.Users shall not sublet the venue to a third party without NTU consent, use the venue for business activities involving monetary transactions, use energy-intensive electronics or create loud, disruptive noise.Users shall be liable for any loss of or damage to equipment due to improper use, and they shall be responsible for safeguarding their own personal effects.