Student Application Services and transfer examination
Credit Transfer Procedure for Foreign Exchange Programs
Student Application Services and transfer examination
  1. The Procedure is in compliance with the NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Directives Governing Transfers of Course Credits Acquired Abroad.
  2. Administration unit: Curriculum Division, Office of Academic Affairs
  3. Contact: (+886) 2-3366-2388 ext. 302 or 304, 305, 306, 307
  4. This Procedure applies to undergraduates in foreign exchange programs from Academic Year 2012
  5. Applications for credit transfer shall be submitted within two months upon students’ return
  6. Please note:
    1. If you wish to confirm the transferability of specific course(s) (including liberal education courses) prior to studying at a partner institution, you may submit a preapproval form, with complete course syllabus(es), to your department office (or to Center for General Education for liberal education courses) for preapproval.
    2. Upon return, you should list all the courses you have taken during your exchange period (including failed or unsuccessful courses) on the Returned Exchange Student Course Records System of myNTU. You may choose which course(s) you wish to transfer for credit (courses recorded on the system with at least a passing grade) and submit related course information (syllabus, total number of teaching hours and weeks), together with your original Approval Letter for Exchange Program and transcripts from both the partner institution and from NTU, to your department office and the Office of Academic Affairs for approval. Please also note that grades received from partner institution will not be included for GPA calculation.
  7. Procedure:


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Students record all courses taken during exchange period online upon return (including failed or unsuccessful courses), and apply for credit recognition. Students’ home department will review the applications, followed by a final review by the Office of Academic Affairs. Students shall receive a certificate of approved credit recognition. The approved credits shall be listed on NTU transcripts.