Student Application Services and transfer examination
Operating Procedure for Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Specializations Application
Student Application Services and transfer examination
  1. Relevant Regulations: Directives for the Implementation of Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Specializations
  2. Unit in Charge: Curriculum Division, Office of Academic Affairs
  3. Contact Person: Section Chief Chen, Li-Kuan
  4. Contact Number: (02) 33662388 #303
  5. Application Materials: Application Form and Proposal 
  6. Notes:

  (1)If interdisciplinary specializations involve disciplines in different colleges, one of the colleges shall be the primary teaching unit in charge of making the application.  
  (2)Students who enroll and pass an interdisciplinary course and have the qualifications, required by the unit in charge, for interdisciplinary specializations may apply for qualification review to the unit in charge during the period of study. 

  1. Reference:

Introduction to the Interdisciplinary Specialization in College of Social Science by the Dean Wang, Hung-Jen:

  1. Workflow:

[Apply to Establish an Interdisciplinary Specialization Program]

[Program Adjustment or Termination]