Operating Procedure
Introduction to National Taiwan University’s Digitalized Courses Information
Operating Procedure

Since its foundation over 80 years ago, National Taiwan University (hereinafter referred to as "NTU") has grown from only two colleges to eleven. With over 30,000 students enrolling each year, NTU has cultivated numerous talents, due not only to the efforts of all faculty and students, but also a comprehensive curriculum planning of the university, colleges, departments, and graduate institutes. By leading students step by step into the world of knowledge, students are able to acquire sound knowledge before graduation and later become leaders and the backbone of the society who combine their social concern with a clear global vision.

Before the age of digitalization, the Office of Academic Affairs was responsible for compiling the hard copies of the course information of all colleges, departments, and graduate institutes in order to offer teachers and students for reference. As time goes by, these hard copies of the course information have become vital reference materials and even a history book of the university’s course development. Under the careful maintenance of the Office of General Affairs, these hard copies remain intact and complete but still could not prevent some of them from being damaged by insects or mold.

In view of this, the Office of Academic Affairs has teamed up with the Office of General Affairs and the University Library to recompile, categorize, inventory, and scan all the hard copies and then forwarded the scanned documents to the Documentation Division of the Office of General Affairs for refiling by using professional recovering and framing techniques. In doing so, these important documents of course information are well protected. The Library Information Technology Services also built up a search-engine database to store these course information documents for all NTU members and the society for reference.

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  • For any questions concerning the digitalized course records, please contact Ms. Tien Ling-Yuan (TEL: +886-2-33662388#305; email: lynntien@ntu.edu.tw) at the Curriculum Division, Office of Academic Affairs