Operating Procedure
Procedures for the Establishment of Curriculum Committees
Operating Procedure


  1. Relevant Policies:The Procedure is in compliance with the NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Directives for the Establishment of Curriculum Committees
  2. Administration unit: Curriculum Division, Office of Academic Affairs
  3. Contact Person: Ms.Tseng,Chun-Chi    and  Ms. Hsu, Yu-Ting
  4. Contact number: +886-2-3366-2388 # 302307
  5. Time: At least once every semester. Extraordinary meetings may be called when necessary.
  6. Notes:
    1. The aforementioned Directives for the Establishment of Curriculum Committees serve as guidelines.
    2. The University-level curriculum committee shall include the following faculty representatives, student representatives, and off-campus representatives among its members:
      1. The faculty representatives shall include the Vice President for Academic Affairs, deans (or the conveners of college-level curriculum committees), and the Director of the Center for General Education.
      2. Three student representatives shall be appointed (one representative each) by the NTU Student Association, Student Congress, and Graduate Student Association. The college-level student associations shall also jointly appoint one representative.
      3. The off-campus representatives shall be one industry representative recommended by the Office of Student Affairs and one alumni representative recommended by the Secretariat.
    3. The university-level curriculum committee shall be convened at least once every semester by the committee chair; interim committee meetings may be convened as necessary.
  7. The latest Establishment of Curriculum Committees:
  8. Establishment of Curriculum Committees over the years: