Date of Announcement 2023.12.11
Exploration Credit
Date of Announcement 2023.12.11

Q: Why are first-year and second-year undergraduate students eligible for exploration credit?

A: first-year and second-year undergraduate students are still exploring their intellectual direction and interest after they graduated from high schools, and, with this exploration credit initiative, they are willing to make an inter-disciplinary exploration as they select courses without being worried about their GPA. Upper-level undergraduate students and graduate students are relatively certain of their directions of development.

Q: Are there any courses excluded from exploration credits?

A: The exploration credits only include courses not offered by your major department (degree program). The excluded courses are courses offered by the student's major or double-major department (degree program), general courses including College Chinese, Freshman English, freshmen foreign language courses (curriculum identity number is 102 8xxxx or 107 8xxxx), Online English Program, Service Learning, and physical education courses. All-out Defense Education Military Training and courses taken during overseas studies approved by NTU are also excluded.

Q: Why cannot courses offered by my major or double-major department (degree program) be eligible for exploration credits?

A: Courses offered by your major or double-major department (degree program) are considered as professional courses and can not be eligible for exploration credits. For instance, a double major student who majors in Chinese and Economics cannot elect the courses as exploration credits if the first 3 digits of curriculum identity number for the courses are 101,121, 303 and 323.

Q: How do I apply for exploration credits when my study status might be changed?

A: It depends on the student’s study status in the current semester. For example, a student who majors in Chinese in Spring 2024 and later changes his/her major to Economics in Summer 2024. The student cannot elect courses offered by the Department of Chinese as exploration credits in Spring 2024.

This is also applicable to double major students to elect courses as exploration credit. If a double major student majors in Chinese and Economics in Spring 2024 and cannot elect any course offered by either the Department of Chinese or the Department of Economics as exploration credits. However, if the student has cancelled a double major in Economics before his application of exploration credits, courses offered by the Department of Economics can be elected as exploration credits because the student only majors in Chinese after cancellation of double major.

Q: Can summer session courses be eligible for exploration credit?

A: Yes. Courses in each semester and summer session are eligible for exploration credits.

Q: How can I get my refund of the course fees if my exploration credit in summer session does not appear on my transcript?

A: All course fees and other course-related expenses students shall pay are not affected by the recognition of the courses as exploration credits. Any course fees paid are non-refundable and the outstanding balance shall still be paid. 

Q: Is there any maximum limit of exploration credits ?

A: Students can apply for a maximum of six credits during their first-year and second-year study.

Q: When can I apply for exploration credits?

A:  Exploration credit application is on a post hoc basis. Applicants, after they receive their semester grades, shall submit their applications after the end of the final examinations specified in the academic calendar of the University for the semester in which the course is taken and by the end of the first week after the classes begin in the following semester.

Q: How do I apply for exploration credit? When will the exploration credit take effect? How do I make sure if my application is submitted?

A: Please submit an online application in Grade and Ranking Inquiry and Exploration Credit Application System developed by Office of Academic Affairs. Exploration credit will take effect as soon as you submit your application. Also, it will take three days to upload your data to grade inquiry system and convert your data in your transcript and semester grade report.

Q: Can I change back if I do not want to have any exploration credit?

A: Exploration credit will take effect as soon as you submit the application and it is irrevocable. Converting back to original grades calculation will not be permitted under any circumstances (such as a wrong designation of courses). Please consider carefully before you apply and confirm the course that you designate as exploration credits as you apply.

Q: Will the exploration credit policy cause a surge in the number of students in individual courses or a crowding out effect in course selection?

A: Instructors and departments can restrain the number of students for each course and set the rules of course preference order for course selection distribution and adding courses in the course selection system. Exploration credit application is on a post hoc basis. Students should study as diligently as they can before they receive their semester grades. Moreover, the maximum limit of exploration credits is capped to six credits, and they would be moderate in their application for exploration credits.

Q: Is exploration credit policy a pass for students to take any course?

A: No. Exploration credit policy encourages students to seek intelligent interests and challenges by taking courses. You still need to follow relevant regulations of course selections, such as limits on course enrollment counts, prerequisites and so on.

Q: As an instructor, what will exploration credit policy affect me?

A: The biggest impact is that students from different academic backgrounds may want to take your class. In addition, the number of students in your class, the prerequisite requirements, and the way you grade your students’ performance can still remain the same. You neither need to approve students’ application of exploration credits nor grade their performance in a special way.

Q: Will exploration credit policy increase the burden on staff in department offices?

A: No. Office of Academic Affairs will develop an exploration credit online application system. Students’ applications and approval will be complete online. Office of Academic Affairs will record and store the data regarding students’ exploration credits and can provide the data to department offices and instructors for reference if necessary.