最後更新日期 2024.06.14
Re-enrollment of Admission
最後更新日期 2024.06.14
Re-enrollment of Admission


1. Please see National Taiwan University Academic Regulations (Article 8)
Website: http://www.aca.ntu.edu.tw/reg/law/學則.pdf

2. Administration unit: Undergraduate Academic Affairs Division

3. Contact: Staff Members in the Division

4. Phone Number:
+886-2-33662388 ext. 203, 211 to 222, 224, 225

5. Application period: July 1st-30

6. Please note:

(1) Students who have been approved to retain admission status.

(2) Documents (Must be written in Chinese or English)

a. Application form

b. Approval Notice to Retain Admission Status

c. Former Admission Notice.

d. If approved by the military reason, the original Military Service Discharge Order (or relevant supportive documents) is needed.

File download: