Other Application
Grade Submission and Correction by Faculty Members
Other Application


  1. Administration unit and Contact number:
    1. Undergraduate Academic Affairs Division: Ms. Lan (+886-2-33662388 #206)
    2. Graduate Academic Affairs Division: Ms. Tien (+886-2-33662388#405)
    3. Branch Office of Academic Affairs in the College of Medicine: Ms. Wu (+886-2-23562192)
  2. Course instructors shall inform students of well preserve the return examination paper, homework and report.Application period: From final exam finish to the first week of next semester.
  3. Notice:
    1. Grades shall not be revised once submitted.
    2. In the event of an input error or an apparent miscalculation, or if a zero or missing grade is entered when an actual grade should be assigned, the course instructor may fill out a “grade correction application form” and submit it, along with the original copy of the examination paper, grading record, and/or other necessary proofs, to the supervisor of the course-offering academic unit and the Office of Academic Affairs for approval.
    3. Grade correction applications must be completed within the first week of classes in the following semester, as announced in the academic calendar. To safeguard the rights and interests of other students, in the event that a grade correction is processed after the compilation of academic performance rankings, no changes shall be made to the list.
    4. Course instructors shall inform students of their contact information by the end of the semester to prevent students’ inability to reach them by the grade correction deadline in the event of a dispute.
    5. Course instructors shall remind students during class to retain all examination papers, assignments, and reports for future reference, if they are to be returned to the students.
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Grade Submission and Correction by Faculty Members
Grade Change Request Form