Other Application
Procedure for Undergraduate Students Minor Studies Application
Other Application
  1. Administration unit: Undergraduate Academic Affairs Division
  2. Contact: Staff Members in the Division
  3. Phone Number:
    1. Undergraduate Academic Affairs Division: 3366-2388 ext. 204, 211 to 222, 224, 225
    2. Branch Office of Academic Affairs in the College of Medicine: 2312-3456 ext. 288024, 288026, 288027.
  4. Application period: Dates specified on NTU Academic Calendar.
  5. Note:
    1. Undergraduate students may apply for a minor after completing one year of study and before the start of the first semester of their final year of study (not including extension of study).
    2. Students approved to take a minor may not apply to take another. However, students already approved to take a minor before changing their major may take the uncompleted original major as a minor.
    3. For the relevant details concerning course credits of the approved minor, dropping a minor and so on, please read the University’s Regulations Governing Minor Studies for Undergraduate Students.
File download:
National Taiwan University Regulations Governing Minor Studies for Undergraduate Students