Adjustment of Academic Programs
Establishment and Adjustment of Academic Units in NTU
  1. Relevant Regulations:
    1. Standards Governing the Overall Scale of Development and Resource of Junior Colleges and Institutions of Higher Education(Chinese version only)
    2. NTU Regulations Governing the Establishment, Alteration, Merger, and Cessation of Teaching and Research Units

    3. NTU Regulations Governing the Establishment of Professional Schools

    4. NTU Guidelines for the Establishment of University-Level Functional Colleges

  2. Unit in Charge: Office of Academic Affairs
  3. Contact Person:
    1. Mr. Chen, Hong-Sheng (+886-2-33662388#105): College of Medicine,  Engineering, Bio-Resources & Agriculture, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Life Science, and Graduate School of Advanced Technology
    2. Ms. Lin, Hong-Ju (+886-2-33662416): College of Public Health, School of Professional Education & Continuing Studies, Center for General Education, International College, and D-School
    3. Ms. Lu, Szu-Hsuan (+886-2-33662388#103): College of Liberal Arts, Science, Social Sciences, Management, and Law
  4. Time: According to the scheduled timetable established by each department, graduate institute, degree program, or college.
  5. Notes:
    1. The procedure herein shall apply to colleges, departments, sections, graduate institutes, divisions, centers, degree programs, and all other teaching or research units with university faculty/staff as well as offices run at fixed locations.
    2. All proposals shall be approved by the NTU Affairs Meeting before submitted to the Ministry of Education.
  6. Procedure
  7. For the related application forms, please contact the responsible handling officer by phone.