Adjustment of Academic Programs
Establishment and Adjustment of Academic Units in NTU
  1. Unit in Charge: Office of Academic Affairs
  2. Contact Person:
    1. Mr. Chen, Hong-Sheng (+886-2-33662388#105): College of Engineering, College of Bio-Resources & Agriculture, College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Graduate School of Advanced Technology
    2. Ms. Lin, Hong-Ju (+886-2-33662416): College of Public Health, School of Professional Education & Continuing Studies
    3. Mr. Huang, Hui-meng (+886-2-33662388#109): College of Social Sciences, Center for General Education, International College, D-School
    4. Ms. Chia, Zi Ning (+886-2-33662388#103): College of Liberal Arts, College of Law
    5. Mr. Chang, Ming Jie (+886-2-33662388#110): College of Science, College of Medicine
    6. Ms. Juan, Pei-Chia (+886-2-33662388#108): College of Management, College of Life Science
  3. Time: According to the scheduled timetable established by each department, graduate institute, degree program, or college.
  4. Notes:
    1. The procedure herein shall apply to colleges, departments, sections, graduate institutes, divisions, centers, degree programs, and all other teaching or research units with university faculty/staff as well as offices run at fixed locations.
    2. All proposals shall be approved by the NTU Affairs Meeting before submitted to the Ministry of Education.
File download:
NTU Approval Standards and Implementation Guidelines for the Establishment, Alteration, Merger, and Suspension of Teaching and Research Units (Chinese only)