Date of Announcement 2021.09.11
Release Course Information and Register for Course Enrollment on NTU COOL
Date of Announcement 2021.09.11

While all courses are required to be switched to online for the first three weeks of this semester, what could teachers do to announce important information to students, especially those who haven’t enrolled?

  1. Put the information on the syllabus or course description: Students can access course syllabus and description through the website, NTU Online, even though they haven’t enrolled in the course.
  2. Set the visibility of your course page on NTU COOL to be public: Students can access the course page through NTU Online as well.

For setting up visibility options, please read this page for detailed instructions.

Besides, if the course selection mode is type 2, in which students need a permission number for course enrollment, it is recommended to use the “Register for Course Enrollment” feature on NTU COOL. This feature will be released on September 17th, and it allows students to register for the permission number and teachers to download the registration list. On the registration list, there are students’ names, affiliations information, and email addresses, so that it is helpful for teachers to contact the students and send them the permission number.

For detailed information, please read this page, or NTU COOL operation team (TEL: 02-33663367#580, 536, 598; email: