Date of Announcement 2021.11.30
The website of OAA will be temporarily out of service in the morning of Dec. 1st
Date of Announcement 2021.11.30

In order to improve service efficiency, the website of the Office of Academic Affairs is scheduled to be updated at 8:00pm of December 1st, 2021; the website might be unreachable or unstable, and is expected to return to normal at about 9:00 am of the same day. We deeply apologize for inconvenience caused.

During the website suspension period, below please refer to the contact window of the affiliated units in the Office of Academic Affairs:

  • The Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs: +886-2-33662416;
  • Secretariat: +886-33662388 ext. 109;
  • Office of Admissions: +886-33662388 ext. 288;
  • Undergraduate Academic Affairs Division: +8836-2-33662388 ext. 207;
  • Curriculum Division: +886-2-33662378;
  • Graduate Academic Affairs Division: +886-233662388 ext. 411;
  • Computer Information Management Division: +886-33662388 ext. 615;
  • Branch Office of Academic Affairs in the College of Medicine: +886-2-23123456 ext. 88748;