Tuition and Fees
  1. Relevant Regulations:
    1. Regulations for the Collection of Tuition and Fee for Junior Colleges and Institutions of Higher Education(Chinese version only)
    2. NTU Directives for the Management of Tuition and Fee Income Receipt and Disbursement

  2. Unit in Charge: Secretariat, Office of Academic Affairs
  3. Contact Person: Executive Officer Hong-Sheng CHEN (+886-2-33662388#105)
  4. Processing time: The official letter from the Ministry of Education is scheduled to be sent to the University in April in principle. The University is required to report to the Ministry at the end of May or early June. If the academic unit needs to adjust the tuition and fees, it is required to complete the intramural indispensable procedures by the aforementioned deadline when the University reports to the Ministry.
  5. Workflow
    1. Undergraduate program
    2. Graduate program
    3. In-service Master’s program
  6. Relevant website: The University’s Information Disclosure Area