Application for Directives Governing the Pilot Program for Elite Doctoral Scholarship
  1. Target recipients and eligibility for the Elite Doctoral Scholarship:
    1. First-year doctoral students admitted in the current academic year (including enrollment in February and September).
    2. Students in one of the following situations shall be deemed ineligible to receive the Scholarship:
      1. Holding a full-time paid position at a public or private organization or admitted as an in-service graduate student
      2. Having Hong Kong, Macau, or mainland China status
      3. Facing suspension of studies, applying for deferred enrollment, or failing to complete the enrollment process in the academic year of admission.
      4. International students who are recipients of the Taiwan Scholarship
  2. Recipients of the Scholarship may not simultaneously be the recipients of the following subsidies and stipends:
    1. The University’s Higher Education SPROUT Project—Research Promotion Subsidies for Students in Direct Pursuit of a Ph.D. Degree
    2. The University’s Key Technology Doctoral Scholarships
    3. Any scholarship or stipend for international students bestowed by the university or a government agency/organization
  3. Renewal and periodic evaluation: One month prior to the conclusion of each academic year in the Scholarship award period, recipients shall submit a comprehensive report detailing their academic performance, research outcomes, produced works, and participation in international academic activities for evaluation by the competent division, which shall review recipients’ eligibility for scholarship renewal in the following academic year.
  4. Contact: Graduate Academic Affairs Division: Ms. Lai, Yen-Chun (3366-2388 ext. 416;