Date of Announcement 2021.09.02
Transition from CEIBA to NTU COOL
Date of Announcement 2021.09.02

Dear faculty, students, and staff,

We are pleased to announce that NTU COOL will replace CEIBA as NTU’s official Learning Management System (LMS). We understand that moving to a new LMS is not an easy undertaking, but to provide NTU’s teachers and students with a secure and reliable platform which is able to meet the teaching/ learning needs from diverse backgrounds, the transition is decided to go into full effect by the 111-1 (Fall 2022) semester.

NTU COurses OnLine (NTU COOL), is the LMS developed in 2018 by NTU’s Digital Learning Center. This platform is based on Canvas LMS, which provides the basic functions for teaching and learning activities. Aiming to provide a powerful tool for faculty members to use digital technologies and media materials in their teaching, and to make students capable of autonomous learning and support them to manage their own pace of learning, we further developed custom modules for video learning, online interaction, and learning footprint tracking.

While NTU COOL has been connected to the academic systems like course system, enrolments system, and grading system, teachers can reach their course lists, build course pages, edit course syllabi, and manage students’ grade on NTU COOL. Besides, in 2020, NTU COOL got the ISO 27001 certification which demonstrates that we take information security extremely seriously.

Faculty members are welcome to start switching to NTU COOL, and the support you need can be found at: For assistance in migrating an CEIBA course to NTU COOL, please contact the NTU COOL team (

Since CEIBA will no longer support course building after August 1, 2022, the relevant policies are as follows:
We will be updating the information about LMS transition on the frontpage of CEIBA.
CEIBA will be in read-only mode after the 111-1 semester. All the users can log in to CEIBA and download their course materials.
The feature for syllabus building is now available on NTU COOL.

During this move to NTU COOL, if your have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



Office of Academic Affairs, NTU.