Date of Announcement 2021.09.09
Update on NTU’s Coronavirus Policies for the Beginning of Fall Semester, AY 2021/2022
Date of Announcement 2021.09.09

Given the current pandemic situation, the University is asking all academic and administrative units to comply with the following measures regarding teaching and learning for the upcoming semester despite the epidemic prevention measures released by the University:

  1. All courses shall adopt distance learning in the first three weeks since fall semester of AY 2021/2022. Teachers shall announce course URL and relevant information on course description (If you want to set the visibility of your course page on NTU COOL to be public, please see this document). If experiments, hands-on course, graduate courses with fewer people, wish to give face-to-face course, please follow the measures listed below:
    1. Teachers shall do the roll call, while eating and drinking in the classroom is forbidden.
    2. Classrooms shall be cleansed and disinfected regularly, while kept ventilated.
    3. Face masks must be worn throughout, while social distancing shall be maintained (e.g., 1.5 meters or 2.25 square meters).
    4. Please submit an application form to the Office of Academic Affairs by September 24th.
  2. In principle, a course enrolled with 80 or above students shall be swithced to distance learning from the fourth week of fall semester. Courses enrolled with less than 80 students shall be delivered in face-to-face mode. In special cases, please fill out this application form by October 12th.
    1. Face-to-face class shall comply with the regulations listed above.
    2. Teachers are encouraged to adopt a blended teaching approach-a combination of online learning and in-person class - to prepare the courses.  For more information, please see the website of Digital Learning Center.
  3. The flexible measures of fall semester for adding, dropping, and withdrawing classes are as follows.
    1. The “Unblock Course Request Form,” “Course Overload Request Form,” and “Course Underload Request Form:” The lecturer and the director may sign these request forms in person or reply by email to these request forms to indicate their approval of the request. Please email the request form and the proof for approval to the contact person in the Office of Academic Affairs.
    2. Adding and dropping classes in the first and second week of this semester:
      1. Adding classes in the first and the third category: The process is as usual. Students may register for classes online.
      2. The second category (adding classes with a permission number): It is recommended that the lecturer email a permission number to students and record the student number for future verification.
    3. Adding or withdrawing classes in the third week of this semester: The lecturer and the director may sign the application form in person or reply by email to the application form to indicate their approval of the request. Please combine the application form and the proof for approval into a single PDF and upload it to the Office of Academic Affairs. The website address for uploading the file will be announced separately.
    4. Because online teaching is conducted during the first three weeks of this semester, if students want to add or attend the classes during the period, they need to contact the lecturer.