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Overview of NTU Faculty Member Evaluation System

"National Taiwan University Faculty Member Evaluation Policies" are established for the purpose of granting faculty members their due distinction, and for the purpose of advancing instruction, research and service standards of this University. The main points of the policies are summarized as follows:

  1. All full-time salaried faculty members of this university must be evaluated on the basis of their teaching, research and service endeavors. Concerning unsalaried full-time faculty members, each college shall decide whether they should go through the evaluation process.
  2. Full-time faculty members must be evaluated once every 3 to 5 years by the individual college. Faculty members who fail their most recent evaluation are barred from applying for sabbaticals, shall not receive any salary raises within the next school year, and are not allowed to hold any outside part-time positions or teach at other institutions. Furthermore, the faculty member cannot postpone retirement, and neither can they assume the position of a faculty member evaluation committee member at any level, nor can they be a supervisor of an administrative unit.
  3. Faculty members who fail to pass the evaluation shall be given 1 to 2 years of assistance by the college and be re-evaluated at the end of such term. Members who fail to pass the re-evaluation shall be reviewed by the third level review committee for a decision to not renew the contract or to terminate their contract.
  4. Faculty members who have attained the academic achievement standards stipulated in the Evaluation Policies shall be exempt from the evaluation process.
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