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University Withdrawal Procedure

  1. Please see National Taiwan University Academic Policies
    Website: http://www.aca.ntu.edu.tw/aca2012/reg/law/學則.pdf
  2. Administration unit: Undergraduate Academic Affairs Division, Graduate Academic Affairs Division , Branch Office of Academic Affairs in the College of Medicine
  3. Contact: Staff Members in the Division
  4. Phone Number:
    Undergraduate Academic Affairs Division: 3366-2388 ext. 211 to 220, 225, 226 or 230
    Graduate Academic Affairs Division: 3366-2388 ext.402 to 416
    Branch office of Academic Affairs in the College of Medicine: 2356-2192
  5. Application period:
    (1) Involuntary Withdrawal can be processed at any time for students who are forced to withdraw from the University.
    (2) Official Withdrawal can be processed from the course starting date to any date prior to the commencement of final exam each semester as specified on the NTU Academic Calendar (withdrawal is not available during summer and winter vacations).
  6. Please note:
    (1) Please bring your student ID card to the Academic Affairs Division and fill out a withdrawal application form (downloadable from Academic Affairs website). The student may authorize a third party provided that the third party presents his/her identity document.
    (2) Permission from the parents or the guardian is required for undergraduate students before the withdrawal procedure. Permission from the parents or the guardian is not required for graduate students.
    (3) Students shall complete the withdrawal procedure with the Office of Academic Affairs. Students may apply for a Certificate of Study when the student (a) has completed at least one semester of study and has received grades; (b) has the enrollment status approved; and (c) has completed the withdrawal procedure.
    (4) Students who are expelled from the University are not eligible to apply for Certificate of Study.
    (5) Students who are forced to withdraw from or expelled from the University may submit a written appeal with supportive evidence, as specified in the NTU Guidelines for Student Grievances. A student may continue to study at NTU before the conclusion is made by the Student Grievances Committee. Should the Committee uphold the original disposition, academic grades attained from the filing date to the closure date of the complaint will not be acknowledged by NTU. Should the student be permitted by the Committee to re-enroll but fail to act in a timely manner due to certain causes, he/she may supplement an application for a leave of absence, and this period of absence will be excluded from the given duration of leave of absence.
    (6) Any refund of tuition and fees arising from withdrawal will be processed in accordance with NTU Refund Polices for Withdrawal or Leave of Absence.
  7. Procedures:

(1) Involuntary Withdrawal:

(2) Voluntary Withdrawal

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