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  1. Course

    Each semester the University makes over 5,000 courses available for selection to enrolled students.
    • Course Information
      The University offers more than 5,000 courses each semester. You can access the latest information on our course offerings on the NTU Online Course Information website.
    • Course Selection
      Students register for courses each semester in two separate stages: the Online Course Selection Period and the Course Drop/Add Period. The Online Course Selection Period begins prior to the start of a new semester (during summer/winter vacation). The Course Drop/Add Period takes place during the first two weeks of the semester. Relevant dates are specified in the NTU Academic Calendar.
    • CEIBA
      After completing the course selection process, students can visit the CEIBA website to access course-related materials (e.g. course syllabuses and lecture notes) that course instructors have provided. Some instructors also allow students to upload their homework assignments via CEIBA.
    • Withdrawal Application
      After the semester’s official course selection and drop/add periods have ended, students may apply for course withdrawal before the deadline specified in the NTU Academic Calendar. Withdrawn courses will be recorded in the student’s interim transcript as well as the full academic transcript, with the annotation “withdrawal” shown in the grade column.
    • Student Opinion of Instruction Survey
      To collect our students’ responses to and expectations of the courses they have taken so that our instructors can better understand their needs, as well as to provide academic units with supporting information upon which improvements in the curricula can be made, each semester we conduct mid-term and end-of-term course evaluation surveys.
    • Program
      To encourage students to enroll in cross-disciplinary courses in a systematic manner and to expose them to diverse learning opportunities, we have made available – credit programs to students via on an application/approval basis. Each of these credit programs consists of at least 20 credit hours of relevant courses.
  2. Grades and Transcripts

    • Grading Policy
      National Taiwan University uses a letter grading system for students admitted from 2010/2011 academic year.
    • Grade Inquiry
    • Class Rank Inquiry
    • Transcript Ordering System
      You can use the system to order your academic transcripts, certification of degree conferral, and certification of class ranking for graduation.
    • Application Form for Grade Correction
      If you believe a grade has been assigned in error, you should promptly ask the instructor to verify. If redress cannot be attained, please use the form to request a grade correction. If the instructor still doesn’t approve of the grade correction, you may appeal to the department offering the course within the first ten days commencing from the next day after receiving the reply from the course instructor. If the department also does not approve of the grade correction, you may appeal to the Appeal Committee within the first ten days commencing from the next day after receiving the judgment made by the department.
  3. Leave of Absence

    • Leave of Absence (Undergraduate Graduate)
      A leave of absence is a request to leave the University temporarily for a specified period of time. If you may need to take a semester or more off from the University, please complete the application form. Leave of absence is allowed up to a maximum of four semesters. Students who have taken leave of absence for four semesters may apply for a maximum extension of up to eight semesters if they have a severe illness or special circumstance. The extension must be approved by the advisor of the thesis, the director of the department and the Dean of Academic Affairs. Leaves of absence are not granted once classes have ended and final exams have begun. All the classes during the period of the leave of absence will be dropped automatically.
  4. Change of Major/Minor/Double Major

    • Change of Major, Minor, Double Major(for undergraduate students only)
    • Change of Major (for Graduate students only)
      If graduate students want to change their major after one year of study, please submit the application form to the Graduate Academic Affairs Division.
  5. Direct Admission into Ph.D
  6. Graduation

  7. Learning Resources & Platforms

  8. Other

    • Student ID Card Replacement (Chinese version only)
      If you lose your student ID card, the first thing you should do is report your missing credit card online to prevent others from using it. Then, go to the Academic Affairs Division to get a new card. The cost of replacing a lost, broken or damaged student ID card is NT$150.
    • Request for Late Registration
    • Application form (Undergraduate Graduate)
      If you want to make any other requests, please use this form.
    • Withdrawal from the University (Undergraduate Graduate)
      When you decide to withdraw from the University, you are indicating that you plan to leave and not return.

  1. Courses

    When planning to offer a new course, an instructor must ensure that he/she as well as the academic unit with which he/she is affiliated possesses the required basic competencies and must also determine whether any prerequisites for the course will apply. A course can be offered only after a course syllabus has been provided to and approved by the curriculum committee of the instructor’s academic unit. In the event that it is necessary to make changes to a course after it has been scheduled, the instructor must contact the staff in his/her academic unit responsible for curriculum affairs and request that the required changes be made.
    • CEIBA
      The purpose of the CEIBA platform is to enable instructors to create supporting websites quickly for their courses, thus allowing course syllabuses, teaching progress, homework assignments and other relevant information to be easily disseminated. CEIBA provides an effective platform to manage and integrate course-related resources conveniently.
    • Course Information
      You can access the latest course information from the NTU Online Course Information website.
    • Inquiry of the Number of Students Enrolling for a Course
      Instructors can look up the number of students registered in any given course from the Student Course Enrollment Count Query System.
    • Inquiry for Student Opinion of Instruction Survey
      Instructors may access the results of the mid-term and end-of-term course evaluation surveys conducted over the past five years for courses that they have taught, as well as the evaluations of teaching assistants (TAs) that they have employed to assist them in these courses. However, only information for those TAs funded jointly by the Office of Academic Affairs and the Center for General Education is available. This information can be accessed via Teaching Portfolio | Sign in to Teaching Portfolio (tPo) | Start Editing tPo | C. Student Evaluation.
  2. Grades

  3. Faculty Evaluation & Outstanding Teaching Award

  4. Faculty Development


  1. Student Status and Academic Records
  2. Course Information and Course Selection
  3. Other

  1. Transcript Ordering System
    You can use the system to order your academic transcripts, certification of degree conferral, and certification of class ranking for graduation.
  2. Request to Reissue Degree Diploma (Chinese English)
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