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Review of TA for Common and Specialized Courses

  1. 1. Unit in charge: Secretariat Office, Office of Academic Affairs
  2. 2. Contact: Wu, Cheng-Hsien
  3. 3. Phone number: +886-2-3366-2388 #110
  4. 4. Coverage: Projects funded by the Office of Academic Affairs with planned budgets for at least one teaching assistant (TA).
  5. 5. Time: Mid-June and mid-December each year
  6. 6. Procedure:
  7. Submit TA application requests (at the end of each semester)
    Compile applications and refer to the teaching evaluation
    scores of and comments on instructors and teaching assistants of the courses specified in the applications (at the end of each December/June)
    Convene a preliminary review meeting and inform the units
    granted with teaching assistants (around the end of each January/July)
    The units report their lists of teaching assistants
    (by the 1st week of each semester)
    Complete qualification checks on the teaching assistants
    and conduct a second review in consideration of the number of students enrolled in courses with TAs (by the 3rd week of each semester)
    Inform the units the review results and advise them to
    key-in relevant information to the Teaching Assistant System of NTU
    (by the 5th week of each semester)
    Inform the units to process TA incentives payment
    (by the 8th week of each semester)
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