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Administrative Organization
Organizational Structure

  • I. Advisory committee: The Center set up the Advisory Committee to meet the needs of program promotion to provide relevant advice and consultation. The committee consists of 9 persons with no less than one external committee and includes the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for International Affairs, Vice President for Research and Development, Vice President for Student Affairs, with the internal/ external committees appointed by the President. The term is one year and the Vice President for Academic Affairs is the committee chief. The aforementioned committees should have at least one meeting every semester with the attendance of the deans of schools and chief executive officer of the alumni center.
  • II.Administrators and researchers:
    1. 1. One chief officer and vice officer of the Center: they are responsible for the executions of the decisions made in the advisory committee meetings and facilitate the related affairs of the Center. The chief officer is nominated by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and appointed by the President; the vice officer is selected from the professors of the university and appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The term of the officers is three years and can be continued for another term.
    2. 2. Administrators and researchers: a few people will be appointed as the administrators or researchers; assistants or part-time staff can be appointed if needed.
    3. 3. Tentative taskforce teams for educational resources, recruitment strategies, academic communication and industrial collaborations etc. can be formed as appropriate.
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