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Expected Results and Benefits

  1. Strive for budget funding support from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, other government agencies, corporate legal representatives, and private enterprises to support the operation of the Center.
  2. Cultivate the talents of higher education required by our southbound policy, and actively develop and promote the energy and international exchange and cooperation network of academic research in Southeast Asia. Assist in the establishment of an international organization of alliances to promote academic and teacher-student exchanges in order to enhance the country’s sustainable competitiveness and reserve the advantages of higher education.
  3. Integrate the resources of the Southeast Asian organizations, including the NTU Southeast Asia Alumni Association, Overseas Chinese schools, key sister schools, regional international organizations and Taiwan businesses in Southeast Asia, and so on.
  4. Assist in the recruitment of outstanding students from Southeast Asia (at least 30 in the first year) to enter our school.
  5. Target to have 100 students (more than 25 in the first year) contracted and appointed by some good international companies, local legal entities or industry, and cultivate more required talents for Southeast Asia development.
  6. Promote at least 10 cooperative projects between our school and the key schools in Southeast Asia, i.e. conduct joint meetings, form joint laboratories, joint research and development centers, special winter/summer camps, summer internships and other academic exchanges to build our long term academic cooperation with the key universities in Southeast Asia.
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