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Scholarship applications

  1. Office of International Affairs_ Scholarship applications
  2. Overseas Education Fair
  3. Scholarship of Southeast Asian Education Center
    Attachment 1: Notices of scholarship application (in Chinese)
    Attachment 2: Notices of scholarship application (in English)
    Attachment 3: Evaluation form by advisor (ODF)
    Attachment 4: Scholarship application form (ODF)
    Please return and email attachment 3- evaluation form by an advisor and 4- scholarship application form via e-mail to Mr. Hung, Kuo Chan at Southeast Asian Education Center (hungkt@ntu.edu.tw) by Oct 19th, 2018.
  4. Award List of 2017 Scholarship of Southeast Asian Education Center
    Award List of 2018 Scholarship of Southeast Asian Education Center
  5. Affidavit Letter
    *The winner obtained the other scholarships from Talent Nurturing project, Excellence/ Talent Overseas Student Scholarship of Ministry of Education, Taiwan Scholarship of Ministry of Education, or “Taiwan Scholarship” by ministries of R.O.C. etc. in this academic year. Please do not apply for the Scholarship of Southeast Asian Education Center this year, once be found then his/ her qualification as a winner of this Scholarship the will be cancelled, and be requested to refund the scholarship.
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